Monday, October 11, 2010

How to Kill Corruption in Vietnam: The Koreans did it, you can too!

Corruption, bribery, vietnam,  peoples congress, comittee, scams, stealing, illegal bullshit, Vietnam Talking Points, Korea, Ho Chi Minh, How to kill corruption in Vietnam? Pay the government employees a living wage. Simple! Vietnamese public employees are paid terribly. They can't even support their families at 30% inflation or more per year. And the government can't control inflation. So simple. Inflate salaries, the same as the price of milk for the employee's children inflates. The blog. Vietnam Talking Points nails this specifically:

"Many people (in Vietnam) are willing to give away a little bit of integrity in order to free their families from poverty. Given this fact, many officers who are paid at very low official wages are very much obliged to find extra income for their families through other unofficial means – which means bribery."

Look to the Koreans to sort this out. In 2003 an extra $300 to my "agent" would buy me a favour. By 2005 that wouldn't do. They simply increased staff salaries and enacted severe penalties and checks for corrupt behaviour. Want to kill corruption in Vietnam? Move more money to the people. Simple. Socialist. In line with the 'peoples party' idea.


  1. Inflation rate sources:

    Consumer Index: 28%

    AsiaTimes "More than double other countries in the region"

    BBC: "Vietnam Inflation tops 27%"

    Those are my inflation numbers. We could also teach people basic right and wrong at childhood but it appears the preferred way to get into university is to cheat.

  2. I say the world should take a step back and let them sort it out. I've met way too many arrogant Vietnamese that need to learn to be humble. If corruption destroys their country, then they obviously weren't meant to continue. 1st world countries need to stop being a crutch to the less fortunate. Let them sort themselves out, then the world powers can utilize whats left after the useless dregs are gone.


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