Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Introducing Radio Reddit

Radio Reddit, Deutsche Grammophon, Streaming Radio, From those clever folks at Reddit, the web arm of Condé Nast Publications, Wired, magazine, comes Radio Reddit - an eclectic algorithmic streaming radio station whose playlists are controlled by listeners' voting habits. All of the music on Radio Reddit is created by musicians who are members of Reddit.com. Songs are chosen based on collective Reddit user votes and can either rise or fall in the charts based on listener opinion. In my initial tests songs tended to be a bit uneven in style and quality, but interesting nonetheless. The player itself is a bit backwardly simple with no way to change playlists or advance songs when you get one you don't care for - but if you're in the mood for a bit of serendipity, it works on that level. As Reddit tends to be a community of geeks, expect music that geeks like and not Deutsche Grammophon. My other desire would be that they make an embedable player s it can be used on websites and blogs. Give it a listen. It's a new flavour for sure.
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