Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Art Therapist Needed in Vietnam For One Little Boy

Art Therapy, Disability, Dr. Vinh, Learning Disabilty, Vietnam, WarToday I have a very serious request for all the readers of the Wild Wild East Dailies. I would like you to help a friend of mine, a certain Dr. Vinh in Vietnam. Dr. Vinh has a young boy who is a full man, a big man, and a man who knows all, but he can't speak all or behave as all, like other children. He has a disability. And Dr. Vinh's son needs your help. And so do Dr. Vinh and his wife. He has asked me to help him explore the science of art therapy and find an art and music therapist to help his son communicate with the world around him, and in Vietnam, that can be a very complicated world for sure. Should you know of an educational therapist who can help Dr. Vinh's son find his way in this world, please do contact him at camnangykhoa@gmail.com. I would like very much for us to help him work this out. This boy needs to rock. Let's make that happen. Thank you all.
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