Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Chinese Cookie Jar is Dead

Thrown away by a careless housekeeper who thought it was garbage. The Chinese Cookie Jar was actually a piece of Japanese porcelain that was given to me by my adopted mother - and to her, by her mother, and to her by her mother. It was roughly 170 years old. The first date on the family registry was 1845.

I had taken it to four continents - America, Asia, Europe and Africa. It was broken to at least 50 bits on my trip to Africa last year. I had put the bits in a plastic bag and vowed to super-glue them all back together once I got back to Vietnam. That will never happen.

Whilst away on a business trip this weekend, a careless housekeeper threw the bag away - and with it, a lot of adopted family history - and a little bit of mine.

I had called it the Chinese Cookie Jar since I was a kid and mom used to keep cookies in it on top of the refrigerator. I broke the lid, trying to get to the cookies, and it had been thrown away. The rest went away today. I'm sure there's a message in that.
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