Sunday, December 5, 2010

Late Notice: The Vietnam Digital Marketing and Technology Conference 2010

My sincere apologies to all. I'm way late on this one. Even back in July, Tony Troung from Golden Digital had asked me to be on the organizing committee for this conference, and what can I say? Things got lost. The other day I checked into LinkedIn, which I do every few days, and there were 35 requests for 'contacts' from all sorts of people. Tony was one of them. From July. So I'm blaming LinkedIn. Seems fair. Personally, I think all my contact requests had been 'leaked' to WikiLeaks and then just released this week when WikiLeaks got busted and pissed off and released my stuff just to show what kind of damage they could do if things got really hairy! I hear they've got film of Justin Beiber and Osama Bin Laden doing hGolden Digital, LinkedIn,  Our Man In Saigon, Tony Troung, CreativeMornings, WikiLeaks,  Vietnam Digital Marketing and Technology Conference, Technorati,   Aryeh Sternberg, Group M,  eroin in a cave somewhere. So, Word Up! The Vietnam Digital Marketing and Technology Conference is up on Thursday. See their website for full details. I like this one because it's partially hosted by a Vietnamese advertising agency and it's just really nice to see a Vietnamese company taking the lead for a change, instead of carpetbaggers from other countries. Cheers all. See you there. "I'll be covering it for Technorati. Of course they won't have Jimmy Wales (see photo), so I'll just have to hang with Aryeh Sternberg from Group M instead.

This is going to be one hell of a busy week. We have our second Saigon/CreativeMornings meeting on Tuesday and are now working with Tina Roth Eisenberg, AKA SwissMiss, to be a real franchised chapter of this fantastic series in Saigon and are just pumped about that. Then I have the conference above on Thursday, and of course, The Big Show on Friday and Barcamp Saigon on Sunday. And after all of that, I'll be writing my tail off for Technorati, Cheers again all. I need to work, and write.

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