Friday, December 31, 2010

Facebook block in Vietnam now official.

Oh, don't call the govt. They'll tell you they have DNS problems and have a team of Internet scientists in the back room trying to sort it out. And don't call the local cop shop. They're still reading the manual for that remote control that came with the Sony flat-screen they're watching. "I hate Oprah. Where's a Bruce Lee movie?" Oh the Great Firewall. Imported from China and reinstalled in the Cu Chi tunnels. "Facebook's owned by Americans, right? Screw em".

With the big People's Party meeting coming up in January the party has decided that about the last thing they need is the 'people' participating. So we're on lockdown.
"Stay in you cell, prisoner. Here's some more gruel - You know John McCain?" Meanwhile, we all trundle along with whatever Internet workaround makes us happy (I like "Tor"). Dear. I'm not on the "A" list again. I hate the 'party' having a 'party' and not being invited - cuz there ain't no party like a communist party!
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