Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's true. WWED hits the Technorati top 10,000

8379. That's the number out of all the blogs in the world that WWED ranks. And that makes us the #1 Technorati rated blog in Vietnam. Pretty good, considering that we started the week at 26,000, and were as high as 40,000 just a few months ago. I think it's time to keep going. In my recent post, 'A Good Start', I mentioned that this blog debuted at over 1,500,000 just two and a half years ago.

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For a little reference, The Huffington Post is the #1 blog in the world at a Technorati Authority ranking of 922. Seth Godin's blog is #159 at an Authority of 721. Technorati is the world's premier blog ranking service and rankings and Authority levels are determined by frequency of posting, number of views and most importantly, the number of other blogs linking to us. Technorati does not rank blogs that are primarily selling vehicles - only blogs that truly engender discussions, which I have been told, WWED does. Thanks all.
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