Sunday, December 26, 2010

"Where in the World is Sazeli Jalal?" - What Have I Done For You Lately? VI

Originally published in East & West Magazine, December 2010

East & West Magazine December: Where in the world is Sazeli Jalal

Sazeli Jalal, East and West Magazine, Photography, Art,  Design,  Style, Fashion, Lady Gaga,One thing I like about Journalism is that many times, I don't get to choose the stories I write. I prefer to take them on assignment and then that way, I'm always learning something in the process as well - seeing things for the first time and having first impressions. And it's important to understand that the profiles of artists that I do are exactly that, profiles - not reviews. If it were up to me to choose only things I liked, the magazine would have many fewer stories. And if I did reviews that were unflattering to the artists, they would be a lot less likely to cooperate with us.

This particular artist, Singaporean photographer Sazeli Jalal, is not someone I would have warmed to at all. I certainly wouldn't want any of his work hanging on my wall, but growing up as a creative director there comes an appreciation for people who see things differently than you do - and applications for clients where the work is particularly well suited, yet not at all to your personal taste. Sazeli's work is that to me and this simple layout is one of the best the magazine has seen to compliment my writing with. Thank you E&W.

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