Sunday, December 19, 2010

Our Early Christmas Present: Technorati Ranking 5300 - How to write the best damn blog in the world XI

Technorati rank, WWED, Seth Godin, Vietnam, How To Write the Best Damn Blog in the WorldI worked particularly late last night and woke up to find that we had jumped 3000 positions in the Technorati blog ranking to become #5300 in the world. (We started at 1,500,000) And before you think I'm just bragging to make my own winky fat, think again. The reason I post our rankings and talk about them is that I am just positively amazed at the power of the Internet. In just three years, with absolutely no money and many times a really crappy computer, we have put WWED within shouting distance of some of the best blogs in the world. If Seth Godin has an Authority Ranking of 750 and we're 472 that is positively amazing. He's got over 10 published books and a subscriber base of tens of thousands and we have Vietnam, really good stories, a totally crazy trip to Europe and Africa, and more Vietnam.

One of my favorite books of all time was called "30 Lines a Day", written by a journalist who needed to rekindle his desire to write - and so he took an old college professor's instruction to write 30 lines a day no matter what the shite he had to write. In that way, there is no destination, only a trip, and the story unfolds while you are writing it. But it never happens if you don't do the work. Want to write The Best Damn Blog in the World? Write. Write again. And then write about what you wrote about. That's what I do. And that's what has made WWED grow. You can do it too. Thank you all.
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