Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Wonderful New Vietnamese Design Blog

Cannes Young Lions, Nguyen Nguyen Situation, The Big Show, VietnamCannes Young Lions, Nguyen Nguyen Situation, The Big Show, VietnamHi Voung Nguyen. Nice blog. Wonderful blog. I wish I had see it before. But now I know so you're on the radar. For all the rubbish we all have to slosh through on a regular day around here finding Voung's blog was just a joy - a man who designs his way through all sorts of projects with joy, skill, talent and an 'oh-so-obvious' love for his craft, art direction & design. Spend a few minutes with this blog. It's simply presented and funnily written in English by a guy who oh-so-seriously-get's-it. And get this, it's written by another Nguyen and although I have been warned by the word police to never ever say this, I'm going to do it anyway - it looks like a Nguyen/Nguyen situation (ok, shoot me). I had seen his team's (non-winning) campaign for the Young Lions competition against school violence but I really was taken aback by his advice to new teams, "If you wanna win, do the same things as previous winners.. " That's a sad comment on the whole damn industry, and possibly the judges. But it's from a man who is already Nguyening, so I think he won't be sucking up that badly anytime soon. Check his blog and watch his butt. If I had a job, I'd worry!


  1. Really super blog to readers,everyone can motivate from this blog. Good going, give some more pictures in future.

  2. Thanks WD Sing! And Voung, please enable comments on your blog so we can say nice stuff to you!


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