Sunday, November 15, 2009

"It's Baaaaaaaaack!" The BIG SHOW Vietnam!

The Big Show,Young Lions, Creative Circle, Vietnam Advertising Association, Vietnam Advertising Festival, After a seriously confusing year last year with The Golden Bells, The BIG SHOW and The Vietnam Advertising Festival all staging shows in a market that's really only large enough for one good show, The BIG SHOW is back and promising to incorporate the Vietnam Advertising Festival, including The Young Lions, possibly the highlight of all these efforts. So does that mean that The Creative Circle and The Vietnamese Advertising Association have put their gloves down and realized that combining efforts will strengthen the industry for all? Let's hope so. But messages to Creative Circle have failed to confirm this and the BIG SHOW website only sports a cryptic message about the date of the new exhibition, December 11. And will the Golden Bells still try to put on a less than exciting TV show out of the deal? Let's hope not. Unfortunately it doesn't look as if I will be able to make the show this year as I am in Germany, but here's wishing the organizers, participants and festival goers the best of BIG SHOWS! It seems my suggestions of the previous year may have finally found their place. Vive la BIGGEST SHOW ever! A recent article in Vietnam Business News indicates that the ad industry in Vietnam has successfully shrugged off the recession - let's hope the creative work has helped. No awards for Dr. Thanh, please!

Follow-up info from the Creative Circle indicates that The BIG SHOW and The Vietnamese Advertising Festival (Sunflower Media) are not associated with the Vietnamese Advertising Association and the Golden Bell awards, so the cooperation I had hoped for before does not seem to have materialized. So does that mean that another dreadful TV show is planned for the Golden Bells? Check your TV Guide.

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