Friday, November 20, 2009

Who are the Friends of the Wild Wild East Dailies? Our first reader survey...

wild wild east dailies, reader survey, Marketing, internet, Blog, Demographics, Recently the Wild Wild East Dailies has had an increase of interest in sorts, both in terms of Technorati ranking, as well as reader contributions. And with that increase in influence come questions - big questions. Questions like, just who the heck are you? Oh sure, I'm fond of thinking that anybody who reads this drivel is pretty darn hip but it's always nice to know a little bit more about our readers and so a proper survey is in order. A painlessly short, five question survey that will take you all of a minute to complete. I'm going to let this survey run for the next month or so and then report the results back to everyone around the first of the year. This, combined with my regular Google Analytics tracking and Statcounter will then be compiled in February for the 2009 annual report. Please be assured that all responses are confidential and nobody will even know who you are. There will be no responses regarding weights, measures or body-part sizes and no sophisticated brain scans. This is just nuts and bolts stuff, with a little lightheartedness thrown in for effect. Please do take a minute, and thank you.

Should you have any trouble using the form on this page, just click here and go directly to the survey site. And if you are truly a Friend of the Wild Wild East Dailies, consider joining FOWWED on FaceBook by clicking the link.

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