Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mystery Google: The Random Search Effect IV

Mystery Google, internet, Random search effect, I hope you think this is as much fun as I did.

So I'm looking at my Statcounter statistics because those give me a detailed list, hit by hit, of every tick this blog gets - and I see a hit from MysteryGoogle.com. Hmm, Mystery Google? Wonder what that might be, so I give it a click and up comes the screen you see here. That's interesting. It looks just like the standard Google search page, buttons and all but with a curious 'mouse-over' descriptor on the tab that says, 'Mystery Google. You get what the person before you searched for'. And so I punch a search term into it, the name of this blog, 'The Wild Wild East Dailies', and what comes up? Not that, but the results for the words 'fine fine' which turns up a music program on KX Radio for a show by the name of 'Fine Fine Music'. Interesting. So no matter what I punch in, I'm going to get the results for whatever the person before me searched for. That's the engine the Random Search Effect series has been looking for! Just random stuff. I thought it was pretty cool and played around with it for awhile, just looking at what other people have been looking for. Give it a try. You may be surprised

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  1. Nice idea! Looks like it's already being spammed with "Text me for a good time" message :)


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